その後は議員の私設秘書として、選挙活動の後方支援や政策立案に必要な情報収集のために、Python・R言語(R Studio)を用いたデータ分析などを行う。


During my university years, I studied image editing using Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as “3DCG animation production” using Maya. I also excelled academically and received a special scholarship. After graduating, I leveraged my acquired qualifications and experience to secure a job in the manufacturing industry, primarily in roles related to process management and parts control, before later resigning. Subsequently, I worked as a private secretary to a city councilor, engaging in backend support for election campaigns and data analysis using Python and R language (R Studio) to gather information essential for policy formulation. Additionally, during the same period, under the banner of “correcting misconceptions in society,” I started “Blogjical,” where I wrote articles referencing books and research papers.

取得した資格・免許・講習(Qualification & Skills)

  • 普通自動車第一種運転免許(MT)
  • 普通自動二輪免許(MT)
  • 大型特殊自動車第一種運転免許
  • ビジネス統計スペシャリスト(エクセル分析スペシャリスト)
  • Python 3 エンジニア認定データ分析
  • 統計検定2級
  • G検定(ジェネラリスト検定)
  • 2級ボイラー技士
  • 有機溶剤作業主任者技能講習
  • ガス溶接技能講習
  • グラインダ特別教育
  • 危険物取扱者乙種4類
  • アーク溶接特別教育
  • 足場の組み立て等作業特別教育
  • 小型クレーン技能講習
  • 玉掛け技能講習
  • フォークリフト技能講習
  • Regular Automobile Class 1 Driver’s License (manual)
  • Regular Motorbike License (manual)
  • Large-sized special automobile Class 1 driver’s license
  • Business Statistics Specialist( Excel Analysis Specialist Advanced level )
  • Python 3 Engineer Certified Data Analysis Exam
  • Statistics Test Level 2
  • JDLA Deep Learning for GENERAL
  • 2nd Grade Boiler Engineer Skills
  • Organic Solvent Handling Manager Skills Training
  • Gas Welding Skills Training
  • Grinder Special Education
  • Hazardous Materials Handler Type 4
  • Arc Welding Special Education
  • Scaffold Assembly and Other Work Special Education
  • Small Crane Skills Training
  • Slinging Skills Training
  • Forklift Skills Training