最近では、生成AIのChatGPT、BingAIにプロンプトを読み込ませることで業務効率化をしたり、Prompt PlusPromptBasePromptWorksでプロンプトを販売して、実際に収益も得る。

 また2024年3月にはPrompt Plus主催の第二回AI画像生成コンテストで分野外にもかかわらず参加賞(第二位+賞品)し、さらにGMOインターネットグループ株式会社主催の「教えてAI byGMO」でもコンテストへ新人賞(受賞+賞金)を果たす。

 During my university years, I studied image editing techniques with Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as production techniques for 3DCG animation using Maya. Despite being in the liberal arts, I was also a member of a lab that conducted experiments with multimodal technologies. Additionally, I received a special scholarship as an honor student.

 At that time, I was not interested in machine learning or video editing technologies, so I pursued a career in an industry unrelated to my field of study.

 After graduating, I utilized my acquired qualifications and experience to work in manufacturing, where I was involved in parts storage management and basic data analysis.

 Later, I resigned from the company and took that opportunity to start a blog named “Blogjical.”

Then, at the end of 2022, I was drawn to the field of AI, particularly generated AI, with the advent of ChatGPT.

 Recently, I have been improving work efficiency by feeding prompts to generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and BingAI, and I have also been generating revenue by selling prompts on platforms like Prompt Plus, PromptBase, and PromptWorks.

 In March 2024, despite being from a different field, I won an award (participation prize + prize) in the second AI image generation contest organized by Prompt Plus. I also won a contest hosted by GMO Internet Group Inc., called “Teach me AI byGMO.”

取得した資格・免許・講習(Qualification & Skills)

  • 普通自動車第一種運転免許(MT)
  • 普通自動二輪免許(MT)
  • 大型特殊自動車第一種運転免許
  • ビジネス統計スペシャリスト・エクセル分析スペシャリスト
  • 2級ボイラー技士
  • 有機溶剤作業主任者技能講習
  • ガス溶接技能講習
  • グラインダ特別教育
  • 危険物取扱者乙種4類
  • アーク溶接特別教育
  • 足場の組み立て等作業特別教育
  • 小型クレーン技能講習
  • 玉掛け技能講習
  • フォークリフト技能講習
  • CGクリエイター検定 ベーシック(ARTS公認・CGWORLD公認)
  • Ordinary Motor Vehicle Type 1 Driver’s License(manual)
  • Ordinary Motorcycle License (manual)
  • Large Special Vehicle Type 1 Driver’s License
  • Business Statistics Specialist & Excel Analysis Specialist
  • Grade 2 Boiler Technician
  • Organic Solvent Handling Manager Skills Training
  • Gas Welding Skill Training
  • Grinder Special Education
  • Hazardous Material Handler Class B, Category 4
  • Arc Welding Special Education
  • Scaffolding Assembly and Other Work Special Education
  • Small Crane Skill Training
  • Slinging Technique Skill Training
  • Forklift Operation Skill Training
  • CG Creator Certification Basic (ARTS approved and CGWORLD approved)